How To Hear God – Hearing God Through The Bible

“The expression of God is living and dynamic, more honed than any blade that cuts both ways. It carves the whole way through, to where soul and soul meet, to where joints and marrow meet up. It makes a decision about the longings and contemplations of the heart.” Jews 4:12

God talks through His composed word. It’s living and dynamic and He’s addressing you through it today.

You want to peruse God’s assertion consistently, concentrate on it and reflect on it. It’s intended to be a light to your feet and a plumb line to test everything by. At the point when you read the Holy book, read it with the assumption that God will address you through it’s pages.

At the point when you initially figure out how to hear from God, He for the most part talks through Sacred writing. A Book of scriptures entry unexpectedly ‘wakes up’ to you – it nearly leaps out from the page and you comprehend it in a manner you didn’t previously.

God will address you about things that aren’t in the Good book, yet assuming it is God talking, what you hear will continuously concur with the standards you see as in the Good book. If you “hear” something that disagrees with what the Good book says, you want to dismiss it as not being from God.

John 6:63 says that the words that Jesus expressed are soul and life. You want to benefit from God’s promise to be in a deep sense solid. God’s statement is like food and you really want new food consistently to develop further in God.

God gave Sacred text as a manual for train you in His ways. You actually should understand what God expresses about things. On the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea what the Good book says, you can without much of a stretch be hoodwinked into trusting that what you think or hear, is God driving you, when it isn’t.

There are numerous ways of perusing and hear through God’s composed word. The following are a couple of ideas:

Peruse an entire book at one sitting to discover what God is talking about
Peruse similar book in 5 distinct renditions with the goal The days of Noah that it truly turns into a piece of you
Take one refrain or entry and mull over it
Use concentrate on helps to assist you with opening the importance of what you’re perusing
Peruse the Songs for quite a long time at a time until they become a piece of you
Peruse one part of Sayings daily close by whatever else you are perusing
Customize what you are perusing and ask God’s assertion back to Him
Welcome the Essence of God to come close by as you read and permit him to be your educator

I can’t pressure enough that it is so critical to understand what the expression of God says so you will not effectively be deluded. Assuming you have a fantasy, a prescience, a dream, inward contemplations or a discernible voice that doesn’t agree with God’s promise, then, at that point, it isn’t God addressing you.

Our Dad has given us His composed word to assist with keeping us on target. All Sacred writing is God inhaled and is valuable for educating, reproaching, rectifying and preparing in nobility … Timothy 3:16-17 When you read God’s statement it reestablishes your psyche.

Be careful with falling into the snare of taking words inappropriately so they fit with what you need to accept God is talking about. At the point when you are figuring out how to hear God it’s vital to look at everyhting with the composed expression of God. On the off chance that somebody says they have divine revelation, one of the tests is whether it concurs with God’s promise.
The Holy book expresses numerous things about God’s promise, Song 119 has a lot to say regarding it and