Make Money by Testing Games

Do you know that you can make money by testing games that have not yet been released to the market? The video and computer game industry has become a very lucrative business that amounts to more than $60 billion in sales per year. Those who are interested in playing video games could also make some profit by working as game testers.

Game companies are looking for gamers who can test their new products before their release to prevent customers’ dissatisfaction with the games if there are any bugs. This situation could result in a loss of millions of dollars and may even damage the company’s reputation. Thus, they สล็อต are willing to pay gamers to check the games first, and have the chance to weed out those flaws.

In return, game testers are paid about $30 per hour to test the games. They can even work part-time and they can choose their own work schedules. Additionally, the job does not even require them to have any kind of work experience or a certain educational background. All they need is a passion for playing games, and they could be earning some money playing video or computer games.

An important requirement, however, is that you should be willing to record the various details of when and how a certain bug in the program occurred. These glitches could prevent some people from fully enjoying the game. In addition, you may not like a job where you have to keep playing a certain part of a game just to test whether the bug that you have discovered has been completely repaired.

Overall, the job of a game tester is a profitable one. Where else could you find a job where you are paid just to play games when in most companies, the playing of games is strictly prohibited?