Western Weddings

When you are asked what the things that would come to your mind when you hear the word “wedding?” I am sure that the first things that would come into your mind are white gowns, suits, Bridal Chorus by Wagner and a fine-dining reception. This is what a traditional wedding looks like.

However, you would find other wedding theme that would be a very extreme experience for you and all your visitors. This is the western wedding. A wedding theme that I would say is very different among the rest.

A Western wedding is a very comfortable wedding theme because first of all, you need not to be on your formal attire. You will just arrive on your jeans, checkered polo and the signature cowboy hat. No one is going to wear a white gown, suits and ties. You would feel that you are attending a cowboy and cowgirl wedding. The ambiance and the outfits complete the theme.

A wedding is not complete without the music and it is the same with the western wedding. However, the music that the western wedding is using is country music. I’m sure the bride would feel awkward walking with the music of Hank Williams Jr. or Keith Urban but it is worth the experience, right?

Say goodbye to waltz as the western wedding would ask you to do a western two step. What a difference it would make, right? Nevertheless, in the aspect of dancing, only one thing remains: the newlyweds would dance first and then the rest of the guest would follow.

Fine dining with delicate tableware would be a scrapped idea because you would enjoy a nice barbecue on a plastic plate. In western wedding, you would finally know the true meaning of dig in. That is enjoying eating while drinking a mug of beer on the other hand. You would be able to teddy rose bear have a very fun time eating while talking to other guests.
Setting the table for the reception is not that expensive because the tables that you are going to use can be as simple as a picnic table. Then the central decorations can be made from cowboy hats with flowers. You would not think of how much the decoration would cost because you are just going to use very cheap and readily available materials.
Garters? Bouquet catching? You will have more activities with the western wedding. The coordinators can set up auctions, riding shows, rodeos, etc. in order to give the guests a very fun time. The kids can also have their own activities like riding pony and feel like children who are growing up in a country setting.

There is nothing wrong in trying other wedding themes. You would definitely like the western wedding because you would finally feel their way of living and concept of fun. No one is stopping you from enjoying the wedding and besides, it is your special day. It will not hurt you to be wild for a night in the wild wild west on the day of your wedding.